Three reasons Why I don’t want to record videos in FullHD mode

I very like high-definition video and I always download TV series and Animation series from the Internet because they are smooth motion clearly sound better than TV programs in Thai and also a story not only in a circle drama.

At the begin, I think that normally people have a FullHD camera, They also should have a notebook, PC, Mac or something in order to display their video record. In the past, I got a FullHD recorder from my uncle so that I try it and I will teach him to use it. I always try to tell him to take in FullHD mode. However, when I used this mode, I would like to say “I will not use it again” because of file videos. I cannot store it and edit my video. They are very huge and my computer is too old. It cannot play it smoothly.

In this time, FullHD display still expensive and my 29 CRT television still work for watch free broadcasts. No reason to change it so as to pursue my need to watch HD videos. However, I have to watch videos in my notebook which is screen resolution 1366*768. It cannot show all pixel that I recorded. In addition, FullHD is 1080p means 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels.

Finally,when I got a new laptop better power than that time. I choose laptop that has ATI graphics chip because I see a lot of comment told that NVIDIA good in gaming but ATI good in video and it also include decode MPEG-4 to play videos without use CPU process data but it never work because videos must make from the same conditions that ATI specify. However, my CPU is very fast than before but it still spend time more than 3 times from the time of edited video.

I recommend  that record videos for fun use just 720p and 60 Hz. It is enough for watching and editing but if you do not want to edit and you keep it for important event in you life. 1080p is better to use because you can change the movement and fixable. At last, you should buy a quality capture not see only in resolution. It means that why the camera cheaper has many pixels but the older expensive and lower pixels take a photo better.


One thought on “Three reasons Why I don’t want to record videos in FullHD mode

  1. Just bought new camera with fullHD and really like it! I agree that it was too big, my 3-minute-video was about 700MB. So if I wanna upload to the internet 760p is enough but I bought camera with fullHD because I want to show my video on television. By the way, for 360p upload fullHD original look better than 360p original. 😀

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