What I would like to change in Thailand #1

If I were a president, I would like to improve traffic system in Thailand. I think that all people in Bangkok truly want a better transportation to our city but no one and government can solve this problem as an oil price more expensive in every day and a lot new car bath on the street with promotion discount maximum 100,000 baths for Thai government. That’s not make sense right?

Moreover, an automobile in Thailand almost never help us to give an idea. They just want to sale a vehicle and our government scares them move the manufacturing base to other country but I think they should fear.

One thing I can to do for reduce this problem uses a public transportation such as bus, BTS, MRT, boat and so on. However, I hope BTS and MRT will constructing quickly and cover our city. What a thing that the government can do? They can control people who are managing bus service each or make outline of the drive should travel on bus stations. In this time, Bus routes some line is very complicated and duplicated. In addition, they are not cover in a sub street that a lot of people living. People who livings in a new street or sub street have to use a public van or motorcycle so expensively price to back their home.

On the other hand, BTS helps us to go to where I want faster but some people park their car on an area ladder to BTS station for receiving a person. Do you know it make the other face a traffic problem? For MRT, it has a park area for waiting somebody. …next

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “What I would like to change in Thailand #1

  1. agree! The only reason that make me don’t like Bangkok is traffic. Now we are in the time of developing, many many construction are around the border and thonburi side. if only we wait and hope that the construction will finish on time. I think Bangkok should be a better place. however, what we see from now, Bangkok already have a lot of good public transportation but the traffic still terrible. Maybe the problem might not from the technology but it should from the people behaviour. As you mentioned about the bus driving line, some small street was filled by the buses for both lane so the personal car cannot go further and it cause the terrible traffic. And i didn’t mention about the personal behaviour yet.

  2. No worry, the construction will finished on time but may be some event happen and opening new station may postpone with a non-sense reason. It like a extend way at Taksin station.

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