Bye bye Bliss publishing

Today, I searched “YouTube” in my Gmail in order to watch a follow video. Than, I sew a mail that the title says “Announcement to stop public a new book form Bliss publishing”. This publisher almost translates Japanese books such as Jbook, JLight and JNovel to Thai readers who are cannot read Japanese. When I read this first mail, I feel confuse because I undertook that Bliss publishing just pauses a new book in a book fair but I read it again and searched Google about it. I misunderstood and heard a lot of comments. They curse to GMM administer that is owner of this company because they are feel exploited and they think that this business do not lose money but may gets a little profit. Thai readers who collect books express theirs opinion in many comments that the best Japanese translation, the best promotion (discount more than other publisher) and they feel bad with they may cannot continuous collect and read a quality translating Japanese book that love from Bliss publishing any more.

In my view, if I were a amount of money, I would continue this publisher because I think this publisher gives valuable to Thai people more than close it even if they receives low income. I am the one of member Bliss publishing think two things that should I buy all the novels which I read or skip this all?


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