Game online

According to my favorite novel that I read everyday. The story is a spy in the future world try to relax by play the greatest game online in him universe. Therefore, I try to find the most popular game online in this time which is “World of Warcraft” and play that game. By the way, in around two years I used to play “Gunz-ijji”, “World of Need for speed”, “Quake” and so on.

In World of Warcraft, I hear some website told me that they has the players more than 10 million people and I think it shall extremely map to play as like the amount of players.  I start it with starter free plan. When I created my character, it is not different from other games. No more style to change and choose the body too much like a other game online. In the World of Warcraft, I think it is the biggest world I ever met and I can do a lot of activity such as jumping from the highest place or swimming in the river.

However, I will not continues to play it because I am alone, I cannot invite a friend, party and so on in the free plan. If it is flexible to add, to talk in the party, I may play it because I have a friend in that game.

That’s remind to the Ragnarok in open beta at Thailand. I play it until I am bored and my friends just beginning to play.


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