It’s just my favorite online novel?

If I have a free time, I always read few fantasy or science fictions in Dek-d. Until this time is the second story, I bought in the hard books and I will continue to buy it because the story cannot predicable in easily. Now it’s public 3 books and I expect it may longer than 10 books for sure. It’s call that “ภารกิจรัก สายลับ ป่วนออนไลน์”. I think I should not translate it direct if I do it will make a lot of confusion. Why’s the name right that? In my view because of the name earn the chapters. The writer divides it to three small events.

2012-02-04 17.09.58

The short guides behind this trouble story:

“When the space agent in 35 century, he has a free time from world rescue missions. He spends time to the new world of game online that he never had been before. If compotation with other players, He is a  rookie. Come to see that his skills can help him pass missions in game always or not?”


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