Miss day…

Today, we have a little rain and I plan to go to my friends wedding. During to transports, it reminds me to thinking abort when I use the speed boat on the Chaophraya river.


I remember that to the days, I spent time sitting, sleeping and listening the musics which I like with small player. If I have a iPod or a iPad or I can moving to the past and telling myself that you can read a book or do a lot of things in order to help yourself get something better than wasting time with the same musics. I cannot change time, I have to do something or spent time with something gain my positive productive.
The last thing in today, I went to my friends wedding wrong month so I have fight with the trouble traffic jam in the center of Bangkok. Maybe I travel on the road more than 3 hour. Someone help me please. While I’m writing this blog who keeping the money on the bus said that “They want us to sleep here!” Oh my goddess, I just move for 1 km!
I saw the hoping eyes of people look at the red light that open green in a bit.


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