My iPad’s problems.

Once upon a time, I want to update my iPad become iOS 5 because I feel really need a new notation in iPads. After, I wait and wait in the midnight of Thailand until they release it to public. In the begin, I can download it very fast but everyone know the rate of download then down to bottom. I lazy to wait it again go to bedroom. The first fail when I got it, this version the same as the develop version. (Why I need to wait similar firmware?, I think in my mind.) That’s not enough, I faced with a problem, the level of volume when I am using a headset or audio out. The sound between right and left are not balance (30:70). I went to the iStudio shop at Si lom and they can help me anymore but they understood my problem.

Next week, I went to the Apple Care at Siam discovery for solve the problem. However, they met other problems, my iPad cannot rotation display and lock it. I don’t know why it happen because I can used all function except the balance of sounds. Then, they told me that we will restoring to original firmware and sending it back to Apple somewhere if it is a problem from hardware but I may wasting time for a month because apple has a long weekend. (Marry Christmas and Happy new year.) Finally, I was restarting it, all new problem gone.

When this happy new year passed, I went to the iStudio shop at Nawamin City Avenue. I was encouraging them to checking my iPad but they told me that we will using apple products for diagnosis your problem. ( The same word when I went to other shop or apple care.) When I told all my problem, they said that it is because the musics or the sounds, all of them separate the audios of instruments right or left. Yes, they are right. I know about it but I forgot being my ear-plug for test. it means they cannot check it too and cannot use a headset in the shop. Oh my godness!

A few day ago, I received a new iPhone. (My sister’s phone.) I try it and found the function that it will have in portable devices. Setting hearing adjusts right and left sounds. After that, I was looking in my iPad, I found it and it turns to left way. (Not on the center like the iPhone.) In sum, I can fix this problem in two month and the shops or apple care cannot help me anymore. bye. Are you understand my problem?


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