How to protect your computer from virus?


By the way, I don’t want to buy a new one and anti-virus or firewall can not protect your information in the computer. I have some way make sure, you will be able to protect yourself.

First of all, I would like to ask to you that “When the last did you read a alarm message  before choose the button Yes, Next or Close?” Almost people include me lazy to read all of information that provides. We just find the way can click and pass through it. If you don’t sure what will happen, I suggest that you should select No or Exit that message. 

Second, you should disable some functions or some programs. For example, you should delete a toolbar or add-on in the web browser. You may got this when open underground web site or install a new software. (include software that tells us free virus or spy ware.) The most important, you must disable is automate programs. such as auto-run in windows.  And open removable drives (DVD, Flash drive or ext-Hard disk) by right click and open.

Third, try to update your windows and anti-virus. Remember the anti-virus cannot protect every virus like why you get a flu. If you are still using windows XP, you should setup a firewall as well.

I hope it may guide you far away from infection a virus.


3 thoughts on “How to protect your computer from virus?

  1. The video from chrome book was really funny, i already watched them all.
    I stopped using antivirus for at least 2 years. i just don’t wanna see the alarming cuz it made me panic. (- -“) Anyway, since i was Ubuntu user for 2 years and Mac user almost 6 month, i might say i don’t worry about the virus anymore. 😉 (even on my PC. i don’t use any antivirus #lol now it’s supposed to be the virus farm for sure)
    cheers! A.

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