Booster your windows

Are your computer very slow? I cannot help you to fix it but you can help yourself by follow my easy step. You can close, delete or disable functions or programs almost not harm your computer but it may affect your windows. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP and WINDOWS RECOVERY DVD. I guess you may find full instructions on Google.

  1. “Uninstall a program” that is never be used.
  2. Update your drivers and programs. (Just minor is enough.)
  3. Make a free space in your hard drive. I suggest you should use “WinDirStat” for seeing everything in the hard-disk.
  4. Disable auto start-up program in the “Setting” each program or “Start” menu >> “Startup”.
  5. Disable a convenient function. For example, “Callto:” in Skype. The tool bar or add-on in web browser.
  6. Clear it all again! “Disk Cleanup”, “Check Disk” and “Defragment” each your drive. (“Auslogics Disk Defrag” will make defragment the data as fast as it can.)
  7. Danger! – Open “msconfig” and disable functions are running when booting windows. It may harm your windows not your computer.

I hope my method will help your computer faster than before.


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